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Physiotherapy Team

physiotherapy team
Amy, Deborah, Laura and Michael

They all have a specialist interest in sports injury and management of musculoskeletal problems. They have all worked closely with Mr. Aslam Mohammed providing pre and post operative assessment and treatment. They provide care for patients undergoing hip arthroscopy, knee ligament reconstruction, knee arthroscopy, hip and knee replacement and complex joint reconstruction procedures.

North West Hip & Knee Clinics
Services provided:

• Keyhole (minimally invasive)
• Hip and Knee Surgery
• Hip and Knee Joint Replacement
• Hip and Knee Sports Injury
• Hip Arthroscopy, FAI and Labral Surgery
• Knee Arthroscopy and ACL / PCL
• Ligament Reconstruction
• Biologics – PRP, Stem Cell
• Cartilage Regeneration

London, Manchester and Lancashire



London, Manchester and Lancashire