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Knee Arthroscopy

What is knee arthroscopy ?

An arthroscopy is keyhole surgery of a joint, which is used for the diagnosis, and treatment of joint problems. Knee arthroscopy is predominantly a day case procedure, meaning that most patients will be able go home the same day. Mr Aslam Mohammed has performed well over 3000 of these procedure during his career to date.


knee arthroscopy telescope examination of the knee joint
Knee arthroscopy – telescope examination instruments in the knee joint


What does the surgery involve?

The procedure is most commonly is performed under general anaesthetic. Using two or three small cuts, an arthroscope (a narrow telescope) is inserted into the joint and the picture of the inside of the knee joint is displayed on a video monitor. Mr Aslam Mohammed will place various instruments into the knee joint to examine the joint and to carry out the surgery. The incisions are usually closed with stitches or steri-strips, the joint is injected with local anaesthetic to give post pain relief and wound dressing applied. A wool and crepe bandage is put on.


What happens after the surgery?

On your return to the ward you are made comfortable, pain controlled, when fully awake the physiotherapist will get you up and ensure you are safe on you crutches. You will be given exercises to do at home. Once you have had something to eat and drink and also passed water you be able to go home.
Very rarely patients do not feel well enough to go home and stay overnight.

What are the risks of Knee Arthroscopy?

The risks of knee arthroscopy are very low but they always need to be taken into serous consideration before deciding to undergo surgery.

The following are potential risks:
• Thrombosis Blood Clots in the leg - DVT
• Blood Clots on the lung – PE
• Infection
• Bleeding / Bruising, Swelling
• Wound pain and sensitivity
• Nerve and vessel damage
• Joint stiffness
• On-going pain and discomfort
• Limited or no improvement in symptoms

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