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Hip Soft Tissue Problems


Other possible cause of similar symptoms around the hip joint to be considered

• Rectus femoris tendon inflammation
Internal or external, psoas tendon, iliotibial band (ITB)
• Rectus femoris / Hamstring avulsion fractures
• Iliopsoas bursitis
• Trochanteric bursitis (greater trochanter pain syndrome – GTPS)
• Groin strain Adductors / Hip flexor strain / Hamstring strain
• Inguinal hernia / Sportsman hernia / Femoral hernia
• Synovial problems: Synovial chondromatosis / PVNS
• Sciatic nerve problems / Ischiofemoral impingement (IFS)
• Early Osteoarthritis with Chondral damage with well-maintained joint space on radiographs.



Snapping Hip Lliotibial (ITB)


What are the symptoms?

Pain in the groin and around the hip with radiation into the buttocks, leg and knee. Pain reproduced specific activity and actions.
Mechanical symptoms catching, clicking, and giving way. Again, made worse with activity and exercise. Sleep can also be disturbed.


What investigations are needed?

After a detailed history and examination which are key to making a diagnosis in every case.
X rays of the hips and possibly of the spine.
MRI arthrogram
3D CT Scan
Ultra sound scan (USS)
Additional investigations make be required in each specific case.

How can it be managed?

Once a diagnosis is made, Mr Aslam Mohammed will explain this to you in detail and the options of management with non-operative measures firstly and surgical invention when these measures fail and symptoms have not improved.

What does the surgery involve?

This will be specific to the diagnosis and your individual situation. Mr Aslam Mohammed will explain the possible options and what will be done at the time of surgery.


What are the risks?

These are specific to the diagnosis and Mr Aslam Mohammed will explain these to you before your decision on any surgery being undertaken. It usually requires keyhole surgery (See Hip Arthroscopy).

Examples of pathology seen at hip arthroscopy

hip sports injury image of a complete tear of the ligamentum teres

1. Complete tear of the Ligamentum teres in a gymnast.

Image showing PVNS in a 42 yr old female with unexplained  hip pain

2. PVNS in a 42 yr old female with unexplained hip pain.

HIP SYNOVIAL FIOLDS of the hip peripheral compartment

3. View of the peripheral compartment, showing the front of the neck of the femur and anterior capsule.

Image of hip Synovial chondromatosis

4. Hip Arthroscopy - Synovial chondromatosis


MRI scan showing multiple loose bodies called synovial chondromatosis
MRI scan showing multiple loose bodies Synovial chondromatosis.

4. Arthroscope view of Hip Chondral Flap

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